When It’s Right…

Just a couple more hours before we hit the road! I am so thankful that I have a friend from this area who is attending school with me. It’s about a two hour drive from here to Bridgton, mostly on roads less traveled. It can be a boring drive to make alone. The simple fact of having company is lovely, but especially having company as excited and passionate about this journey as I am.

I may have slightly over packed for our 5 night stay. Being our first week of classes, I’m not sure how much of our equipment we’ll need or how many of the books we’ll actually use during our classroom discussions. I, of course, packed a fan (two actually). I checked with the landlord and he told me their is only one fan in the whole house. It’s going to be in the high 80s and humid all week and it’s important that we’re all well rested for classes.

I’m not as nervous as I am used to being before a new experience like this. After working so hard to get here I know I’m ready. Everything has fallen into place the last couple of weeks; things I’d had anxiety about for months, taken care of overnight.

I think that’s how you know you’re on the right track. On my wedding day I thought I’d be a nervous wreck being in the spotlight. That morning came and all I felt was love, excitement, and confidence that I had made the right choice. This morning I woke up feeling the same way.

When it’s right, it’s right.

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