No Shirt, No Shoes….

Our first couple of days have been everything I anticipated, and also nothing that I expected. We have already shared so much, learned so much. Introductions were more than just your name and where you’re from, it was why you’re here, on this path. Everyone in the cohort is at a different place in their life and has taken a different journey to get to where we all are right now; seeking the same goal.

I love the atmosphere of the entire campus. The school is inside an old brick home with the primary classroom above the old carriage house. The kitchen is shared and cared for by all; staff, instructors, and students alike. It is totally normal to find half of the class not wearing shoes or a student pumping breast milk while still actively participating in class, the instructor may be nursing a baby while at the front of the class leading a discussion. It feels so wonderful and foreign to me to be really treated as an adult and a student at the same time.

I feel overwhelmed at times because this whole idea has been just that, an idea. It feels really real now. This is happening, the thing I’ve spent hours researching, worrying, and day dreaming about is here. And it’s a lot of work. Logically I always knew it would be a lot of work but I think it really sinks in when you’re looking down the barrel of syllabi of ten different, all equally important, classes. There are no fluff courses; nothing we’re doing just for something to do to get credits. Every class, every session, every hour is equally important in helping us to provide not just adequate but quality care for the individuals who trust us to do just that.

I feel more solidly on this path, more sure that it’s the right choice, and more certain that someday, not too far in the distance, I will wear a flower crown.

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