Things That Don’t Excite Normal Humans

Sooooooo…… I should be studying the cardiovascular system right now. Tomorrow we have Overview of the Human Body for Midwives and the cardiovascular system is the last one we’ll be discussing during this session, and the only one I haven’t studied yet….

But here’s the thing.

I can’t study.

Today was HUGE! So far, 90% of our classes have been spent in lecture/class discussion with some brief hands on skill practice with things like hand washing and vital signs. Not today! Today was pelvic exam day!!!

I know what you’re thinking- pelvic exam day? That sounds terrible… what kind of freak are you?

The student midwife kind.

So anyway. In our program, we practice what is called reciprocal learning. Which essentially means when we practice skills we do so on each other. Just about everyone I have talked to thinks I’m crazy for being totally ok with this, even excited. But here’s why. When you practice on fellow students, not only do you receive really great feedback from someone who is also learning how to do things correctly and in a way that is comfortable(ish) for everyone, its also ok to let your lack of confidence show a little bit.

I have been friends with one of my fellow classmates since before starting school, so naturally we paired up for the exams. Sasha has given her permission for me to share pictures of each of us performing our first exam- I am so thankful that we are both equally excited about documenting this journey.


That’s right- I also completed my first successful blood draw! *takes bow*

I won’t go into much more detail, I should probably get back to studying, but I had to get this exciting day out of my head first.

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